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Classic Portrait Tutorial

“This Portrait Painting tutorial is loaded with information to help you take your portraits to the next level! We’re going to dive deep into the process with over 7 and a half hours of content!”

I have been working on this tutorial for a long while and it’s been in my mind for even longer. I wanted to come up with something that would provide students with the optimal techniques to push their portraiture further. “Painting Portraits” is a jam packed tutorial full of real, actionable techniques that you can apply directly to your own paintings. I wanted to bring all of my ideas together in one place and demonstrate my methodology in a simple, systematic way. 
Many of us don’t have the time and luxury of painting from the model directly, so here in this tutorial I have purposely focused on a process utilising photographic reference. We don’t have to just rely on what we are presented with, we can push this so much further! 
My goal for every painting is to create the illusion of a 3 dimensional form on a 2 dimensional surface. Here, we’ll discuss in detail how I achieved incredible, eye-catching results and how you can do the same. I hold nothing back, and over the 7 and a half hours we have together you’ll gain a better understanding of tone, colour, form, composition as well engaging textured surfaces built up with slick brushwork. 

This will be the tutorial you’ll keep going back to again and again!

For our first demonstration I paint Rere, a stunning young Maori woman with strong features and a smooth complexion. Her facial features, along with her hair were a central focus for this painting. I wanted to go for a slick and hyperrealistic approach here; creating many layers with the oil paint to build intricate details. In this first section of the tutorial I talk about structuring the face, creating a likeness using proportion. From here we manipulate our reference and make a colour sketch. Systematically we build up the final portrait with a straight forward methodology; from the first stokes to the last fine details.
In our second demonstration, I create a tribute to JW Waterhouse’s “Soul of the Rose”. In this homage, I used Stephanie as my model. She had the kind of look, like she stepped out of a Waterhouse painting. We recreated a similar scenario to “Soul of the Rose” in a walled garden. In this section I’ll show you how I break free from the restrictions posed by my photographs and created something new and unique. I’ll discuss in length the process of planning and transferring the design, and then finally building up the painting with exquisite detail. 
 I’ve dedicated the last 15 years to mastering painting; let me show you some great techniques that will save you the time an effort grinding it out in the studio. Take your portraits further – check out this tutorial! 


  • I will show you the Materials I use for creating an oil painting, from the paint and mediums to the brushes and grounds.
  • You’ll see up close how I use brushwork to define the subject
  • I will show you my palette where Colour Mixing plays an important role in creating realism!
  • I use many mediums in my process and here I keep it simple and share a tried and true application.
  • The painting is built up to a rich surface by layering the paint over many passes.
  • I show you how modelling with paint defines form creating a 3D scene!
  • You’ll see the entire painting process broken down in easy to understand steps, from the Sketch to blocking in and even applying the fine details.


4 MP4 Files – 9.7GB – 7.25 hours of content
viewed in 1080p, no subtitles

$45 USD

I know you're going to LOVE this tutorial - if you're not 100% satisfied we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Q & A

The files are relatively large so ensure you have enough space on your computer before commencing the download. Once i’ts saved on your computer you can then save this to a USB stick or portable drive to free up space.

You’ll need a good/fast internet connection to download the tutorials, as the speed of your connection will determine how long it takes to complete the download.

Make sure you download files individually, one at a time. An interrupted internet connection will cause the download to pause so please if your download stops, un-pause it instead of starting again.

Absolutely, for a technical issue, we are only an email away!

I make tutorials that everyone will gain something from. If you are a beginner, then this is a great place to start. You’ll no doubt learn some crucial techniques to accelerate your development as a painter. If you’re an advanced or professional artist you’ll come away with some new tricks refreshing your approach to creating paintings.

Absolutely, whilst the mediums have their differences many of the concepts here are the same. It all comes down to colour and composition and these elements are universal in painting

All of it! Whilst this presentation doesn’t show every single brushstroke I have filmed every stage of this painting. This piece took well over 80 hours; I boiled it down to the essential techniques into 7 hours!

Yes! Frequently. Colour mixing is important and intermittently through the presentation I show my palette and how I mix some of the colours in this painting.

You’re more than welcome to paint along. However I recommend using this tutorial as a guide to paint your own scenes and take these techniques to create your own unique vision. This will give you the nudge you need to take your paintings to the next level.

Yes, I have zoomed in to show some of these finer details being applied, particularly on the trees and in the grasses in the foreground

Yes, you can use your iPad to view the download, but please find out what software your version will require to watch a MP4 file first.